Farm Regency Gorai
In the very lap of nature surrounded by lush green forests and crystal blue seas, at Farm Regency, there is something available to satiate everyone’s wanderlust. From our majestic wooden cabanas to the inviting deluxe rooms, come home to luxury in your very own Eco-resort. Reconnect with nature with great locations, awesome weather, and serene beaches. Not only that, the resort boasts of plethora of attractions like rain dance, DJ music system, fruit plantations, migratory birds, big parking area and children play- park weaved with a number of restaurants scattered throughout the resort. Along with well-equipped rooms, lip smacking food, and impeccable service, year after year we strive to fill your travels with new luxuries and ever-higher standards of service.

How do we get here?

Location matters to you hence, keeping that in mind; we chose a place that is conveniently accessible to everyone. The resort is not only an hour's drive away from Borivali but also just a 20-minute ferry-ride from Gorai Jetty!

Farm Regency Gorai
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